1. pStats    - Offers hidden counters, text counters, or small graphic counters. A-Counters - Free counters and web statistics plus webmasters tools. - Free Invisible Hit Counter and Web analytics. Track Detailed visitor stats with lead generation, click fraud protection and ROI tracking.
  2. AddFreeStats - Lets webmasters consult in real-time all their site's statistics.
  3. "10-30am" LiveCounter - Features a "little live character" that counts visitors, hits, collect stats and can also sell products or help in site navigation.
  4. Amazing Counters - Offers over 350 styles of free hit counters, free web site statistics, and many other options. Simple copy and paste installation.
  5. Bodycount - Free web hit counter and site statistics service targeted at bodybuilding and fitness web sites. Includes Top 20 chart based on traffic. Public or Private statistics option.
  6. Branica Web Statistics - A free counter and website statistics service. Five counter styles to choose from.
  7. - Free website counters.
  8. - Full real time statistics, weekly email report, and 1yr storage.
  9. - Free web page hit counter for Christian webmasters. Track statistics, individual pages, groups of pages, or track your whole site. Check your up to date stats anytime.
  10. Clicker - Free custom web counter. Easy to add and change.
  11. Cool Web Counter - Free web counter service which allows the user to choose his or her own design from a variety of fonts and colors. Password protection and URL-check are available.
  12. Count My Page - Free website counter with real-time stats.
  13. Counted! - Offers statistical analysis of the most important aspects of sites. Allows easy installation and maintenance.
  14. - Free, extensive and detailed web site statistics services in real time.
  15. - A Java web hit counter
  16. - Counter service with very detailed statistics and many options.
  17. - Free visitor counter that contains no ads. There are no limits on counters or visitors.
  18. CQ Counter - Free web counter and site access tracker that offers many detailed statistics and reports.
  19. Crawler Alert - With Crawler Alert, you get an automatic email notification whenever a search engine crawler (spider/agent/robot) visits your web site.
  20. CustomCounter - Free graphical web counter that allows users to use their own digit images in counters.
  21. DarwinsWeb - Counter which tracks visits to websites and provides the starting date of counting.
  22. DevStats - Free web counters, different styles to chose from.
  23. DownloadCounter.Com - Allows the counting of downloads from sites for free. Results are presented graphically which may be showed on the web site.
  24. Estats4all - Provides detailed information on visitors.
  25. eXTReMe Tracking - Comprehensive site stats. Non-public stats and multiple page tracking are also available.
  26. Extreme Webstats - Offers free website statistics for websites. Features include hit statistics over the past year, returning traffic, and a list of visitors from search engines.
  27. FakeCounter - The world's first counter to admit that its data is faked. A free service.
  28. Fast Online Users - Counter.
  29. Fast Web Counter - Easy to use web counter.
  30. FastCounter - A free hit counter allowing webmasters to see the traffic in their sites.
  31. Fish Clix Tracker - free website tracking and statistics for fishing and outdoors sites.
  32. FishTracker - Free web-site stats service. Provides information on search engines and keywords. Contains detailed reports and graphs.
  33. - Customizable web counter with visitor statistics.
  34. Free Counter - Robust graphical counters for your Web Page with fun graphics, we even have an animated Bart Simpson counter with new designs on the way.
  35. Free counter and web site statistics - Free web counter and site access tracker that offers many detailed statistics and reports
  36. Free Counters - Up to 5 counters.
  37. Free Counters - Completely free of charge hosted web site counters. You can choose many styles. Simply add ********** code to each html page.
  38. Free Hit Counter - Lets you easily ad a free hit counter to a website. One simple line of html code will work on unlimited pages, unlimited websites.
  39. Free hit counter - Get a free hit counter for your website without advertising.
  40. Free Stats - Website traffic, marketing, path and visitor profile reporting and tracking.
  41. Free Stats Counter - Free website hit counter. Over 150 styles to choose from.
  42. Free Web Counters Online - Provides a simple digit-style web counter.
  43. - Free Counter provides a reliable hit counter with real time statistics and customizable images.
  44. - Free web counters in over 150 different styles.
  45. - A free and reliable image hit counter with many styles to choose from.
  46. - Free advanced visitor statistics and web counter with access to personal control panel.
  47. Hit Counter - Hit Counter is a free Internet service that provides detailed and valuable statistics to its users
  48. - Counter service with simple real-time statistics.
  49. - Free hit counter and web site statistics.
  50. INeedACounter - Free hit counters for your website. No html knowledge required, sign up free today!
  51. Invisible Page Counter - Provides basic hit counting for free.
  52. - Free invisible hit counters. Tracks visitors, hits, referrers, search engine keywords and more.
  53. Jellycounter - Free counter service with advanced statistics, customizable appearance, and multiple page tracking.
  54. - Ranking system with visitor information statistics for your website. Includes web counter, top referrers, recent referrers and keywords.
  55. LiveCounter - Web page access counter with an animated real time hits display.
  56. Magic Counter - Various services offered.
  57. MR-Hosting Counter Service - Free hit counter and web site statistics service, plenty of styles to choose from.
  58. MV Tracker - Provides free realtime website stats, page tracking, referrer tracking, and button exchange codes.
  59. N1busVerticalCounter - Displays counter vertically.
  60. Next Generation Stats - Provides invisible, text-based, and graphical counters and also provides detailed visitor statistics.
  61. Online Count - Free service showing how many active visitors are online and the countries from which they are browsing.
  62. PageHits.DDnDD.NET - Hit counter.
  63. Professional Statistics - UK based website visitor tracking service. Features detailed logs and pageview plus a visitor summary.
  64. Qcounter - Basic web counter.
  65. - A fast web counter that can be used on homepages. Offers instant setup and is free of charge.
  66. RealTracker - Free counter for non-commercial homepages providing instant statistics about the visitors.
  67. Relmax Top - A Free counter that you place on your site, which then appears in our searchable directory. Your site is ranked by how much traffic it gets.
  68. ServuStats - Free counter service. Provides detailed graphical analysis of webpage visitors.
  69. Site Meter - Small graphic counter with real-time traffic reporting.
  70. - Detailed visitor stats and a choice of graphical counters. An invisible counter is also available.
  71. Stats And Counters - Analyze and monitor your traffic for FREE.
  72. Stats For Your Site - Provides a free hit counter for websites with informative information on where traffic is coming from, browser type, and IP addresses.
  73. - A professional system to track and analyze the behavior of website visitors.
  74. SuperCounters - Different style hit counters for webmasters.
  75. td-soft - Link tracking tool and page counter.
  76. TDStats - Multiple site tracking, traffic stats, referrer stats by url and domain, search engine statistics, keyword tracking and system stats, browser version, operating system, and screen resolution.
  77. TulipStats - Real time web site statistics and tracking service with graphical and text reports.
  78. The Ultimate Counter - Free hit counter with over 500 counter graphics options.
  79. UltraStats - Invisible and it provides multipage statistics.
  80. - Hidden free counter to track visitors and hits on each page.
  81. URL-Stats - Free website stats counter to track user visits by browser, country, source, search term and more key data. Realtime member area shows you all key data for your visitors.
  82. W3counter - Lists visits, referrals, browser versions, resolution, and operating systems used to view a site.
  83. Web Counter - View website statistics, flash, system, explorer, and resolution of visitors for free.
  84. Web Hit Counters - Comprehensive selection of reliable website hit and traffic counters.
  85. Web Track - Offers totals, unique accesses and other features.
  86. X Counters - Free Counter that doesn't use cgi or java.
  87. yd0 counter - yd0 hit counters, 100 counters per account. Graphical interface.
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